Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26. Day 86. Blame it on the alcohol

Teaching on a Monday morning is a challenge. Now I admit that there are few people who spring out of bed ready to embrace the new working week with full enthusiasm but trying to motivate a group of young adults after doubtless a big weekend (read bigger than mine) can present a particular challenge. In fact I have some groups that seriously remind me of store dummies - they look human but you don't get much response out of them. I could be wrong but I think that this line up of empty kegs under the University of Queensland Rec Club this morning provides a clue to where the issue lies.
Let's face it, university students drinking alcohol is hardly a new phenomenon. I could say that I never indulged in binge drinking as a university student but if I did you would have every right to say "liar, liar, pants are on fire".
In my defence, rarely did this happen on a Sunday night - mainly because I'd spent all my cash on Friday and Saturday. But today's student is more likely to work long hours and be more cashed up than in the past. The days of hanging around university's refectories is well and truly over. Now back in my day....