Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18. Day 78. Animal attraction

I don't do cats. If the world is divided into cat people and dog people I am 100% in the dog camp.
Try telling the cat which this morning jumped off a fence, walked across the footpath to where I stood and starting rubbing itself up against my leg.
It clearly didn't know that I don't like cats (actually it probably did know. It just didn't care. That's part of the cat thing. Dogs will do anything they can to please you. Cats will do whatever it takes to please themselves).
And then, having tired of my leg, the cat walked off again. Okay then.


  1. Here Kitty kitty kitty I think it like you too :)

  2. were you out running when this was taken? thats even more impressive than the fact your let a cat rub up against your legs!! x