Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16. Day 76. Good things come in small packages

The thing about working in a university with offerings as diverse as the one that pays my wages is that you never know what you will find should you venture to an unfamiliar part of the campus. Or if you get lost (which I do frequently even though I have been located at the same campus for something like eight years). Someone has developed a phone app called Lost on Campus that helps you navigate around Australian university campuses. I just download that. Anyway, today I was in H block (near E, L and Y blocks but nowhere near G or I blocks hence my navigational issues). H Block is the home of Visual Arts and as such visual artists use the spaces to display their works. Mounted on the floor, wall and roof was a collection of small cardboard boxes. The boxes were identical and all hanging open. I presume this is a piece of installation art and not the remnants of someone unpacking. Perhaps it is a comment on our disposable society. Whatever. It caught my attention. It made me stop and look. It made me think so I suspect it served its purpose. On balance I like it a lot although I confess there would be words exchanged if there were this many empty boxes strewn around my son's bedroom. There it would be considered not art but mess.


  1. well an unmade bed was considered art a few years back, so maybe your teenager could be an artist yet