Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3. Day 63. I can jump puddles

I was so excited at the prospect of a weekend on the Gold Coast. All week it had been stinking hot and yesterday was 32 degrees. But when I woke in the Broadbeach unit ready for a delicious early morning walk along the beach it was raining. Later it was pouring. When it did break early in the afternoon Mr O and I headed to a rather lovely beachfront park. There were puddles aplenty to dodge and a wet bum on the equipment was a given but it was worth it.


  1. I did appeal to the Afternoon Party to pass legislation that it would not rain on weekends away...
    At least the sun appeared for that great shadow shot..

  2. Love the shadow in this shot, it really adds to the photo

  3. Oh for a lovely sunny park! Thank you for linking up to Country Kids, great action shot!

  4. I adore the outfit (and the photo too), Mr O is really looking cool in his shorts, high tops and hat ensemble!

    1. Mr O prides himself on cool. He was very pleased you noticed!

  5. Brilliant action shot.

    Thanks for linking up