Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22. Day 82. Dumb and dumber

I probably shouldn't dignify this behaviour by photographing it but it does give me an excuse to rant about something that seriously gets on my goat - hoons. I am sure whoever decided to carve up the parkland just under the Eleanor Schonell Bridge thinks he (and statistics will show it was most likely a he) is seriously cool.
The rest of us know that this is the work of someone with a small brain and an even smaller....
Driving dangerously is not cool, ever, but try telling that to many young drivers. Testosterone seems to be a powerful driver (pun intended), something that worries me greatly as the mother of a male now less than three years short of being eligible for a driver's licence. (Gulp)
This is why I think it might be time to bring back the controversial campaign involving waving a pinkie at a hoon driver.
Hard to know if it works but it has to be worth a go. Tearing up grass may not be the end of the world but driving this way could just be the end of someone's world - and it might not be the person behind the wheel.

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  1. Wow crop circles in Brisbane, we are not alone..