Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14. Day 74. I'm melting

Welcome to the classroom of 2012. Once upon a time we had blackboards and then we got all flash and installed whiteboards. These days I teach in a Media Equipped Lecture Theatre or a MELT and my lecture today was in the very latest, most recent upgrade version of  the lecture theatres.
On the console, we have an Ipod dock, a document projector and a lectern mic or a wireless lapel mic if you prefer. Under the desk there is a computer and every form of media player I could want plus devises to project from my laptop or tablet computer.
The interactive whiteboard allows me to save or print what I write on it because let's face it we wouldn't want any of that gold lost to humanity. 
And just so I know the students are at least awake, I can bring in keypads so they can vote on a question I pose just like the audience of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Forget putting your hands up if you have a question. I may include a scroll bar at the bottom of my presentation taking a live Twitter feed.
I will stare out into a room of students not writing notes on paper but typing on laptops most of which have a picture of a piece of fruit on the front. And so no-one powers down, there is a power socket under every seat. Yep, dead impressive but you know what no amount or technology will cover for a crap lecture. Content is still Queen but that doesn't mean gadget girl can't have a bit of fun with the toys while getting the message across.