Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15. Day 75. Jolly Roger

I am sure I am not the only one who dreams of what I would do (or more often not do) if I won the lottery.
First in the frame is work. I think I could give it up in a heartbeat but the truth is I would miss it. I wouldn't miss marking and meetings for a second but I would miss the people. I work - and have worked - with some great people. I have also worked with people I would walk (no run) to the other side of the road to avoid but that's another story and good taste plus the defamation laws prevent me from going further down that track.
Today, I was able to share lunch with one of the good guys, my former work colleague Roger Patching. Roger is always great company and it would be hard to come up with people you'd rather meet up with for a meal than Roger and his wife Jenny (unfortunately Jenny wasn't in town today).
Rog will turn 68 tomorrow so there was cake and candles plus a chance to find out how his research is going.
Honestly, you have to admire a man who, rather than spend his retirement sunning himself on the beach of the Gold Coast where he lives, Roger is powering through a PhD.
So while I dream of finding a way to do nothing, Roger has earned that right already and rejected it as an option. Perhaps when the thesis is finished mid year. Somehow, I doubt that.


  1. Well I'm truly motivated and humbled by Rogers commitment,dedication and energy.

    And if I look half as good at 68 I will be a very happy man...

  2. Wow he's looking so healthy! He's lost a lot of weight and found his mojo!

  3. I really enjoyed Roger's lecture on Thursday. He was very entertaining and also, did not roll his eyes at my daggy request to autograph my textbook! Now, if only I knew everything he knows....