Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January 9. Day 9. Well trained

My dogs are very well trained. Granted Winkle is inclined to wee on the carpet rather than go outside if it's raining and the ground is wet. Granted Rumple will still steal underwear from the clothes basket and destroy them. Either or both of them has a habit of climbing up on the dining room table when you are not looking (or some times even when you are). So not exactly perfect but well trained where it really matters by which I mean when it comes to being photographed. We went to the Kedron Brook off leash area this afternoon and the dogs were running around like crazed creatures, or more accurately like dogs in an off leash area. Then they stopped, stood next to each other and looked up at the camera. A couple walking past with their dogs laughed. I heard them say to one another: "Did those dogs just pose for the camera? I'm pretty sure they did." And then the dogs were off chasing birds again. In honesty, I may have trained Rumple to beg and Winkle to dance but neither dog has been trained to smile for the camera. However, the camera, the dogs and I spend an awful lot of time together and I wouldn't even be surprised if there's an element of reading what makes me happy and trying to deliver. It may be more "let's just get this over with". They also do like to check out where I am and not stray too far. In the end it doesn't really matter. In my eyes they are gorgeous in a way no photograph can adequately capture.

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