Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 11. Day 11. Red faced

I was left feeling pretty bloody red faced today. Here I am not just talking about the impact of the weather and hot flushes. Let us be honest neither of  those things help. At all. But this is more psychological red faced. It's Thursday. That's take-Margaret-to-the-hairdresser day. It's always a pretty huge ordeal getting her out of the house and in to the car and then out of the car and into the hairdresser. And then you get to do it all in reverse. The heat wasn't helping her either. It was slow going. While she is having her hair set and today was tint day I go off into the cafe, set up my laptop and work. We have lunch and I leave Margaret in the cafe while I buy her groceries. Today there was more than usual. Navigating Margaret and her wheelie walker the shopping trolley back to the car was a nightmare. Getting everyone and everything into the car without any implosions due to heat was worse. We made it. we got home. Everything was unloaded and then I saw there was no laptop. My heart stopped. Last year I killed two work Mac Books in quick succession. Losing one would be IT death. My heart stopped. I thought I might implode. I knew exactly were it was. In the shopping trolley in the carpark behind the hairdresser in Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre. It's quiet and away from the main shopping centre carpark. The staff in the hairdressers know where I park because they help me with Margaret. I called them. They went and looked. It was still there. Normal heart rhythm restored. Just about.

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