Monday, January 8, 2018

January 8. Day 8. Party on

I'm a bit inclined to gift experiences rather than physical things as presents. Massages, Segway rides, abseiling, theatre tickets, whale watching, are just a few of the presents I have given that quickly come to mind. I especially like it when I get to join in. Let's call it the gift of my time and company rather than buying myself something as well. Sounds less selfish, right? So what does a girl do for her fur baby's birthday? Take him to his happy place. Take him to the beach. Granted we were at Bribie just a week ago for no special reason, but it just reminded me how close the Island really is and how do-able it is just for an afternoon walk and swim. (Why I needed this reminder considering I commuted to Bribie for five years for work is a question for a mind far greater than mine).  I do not delude myself that Rumple knew it was his birthday. I don't even delude himself that he saw the trip as a special treat in his honour. But I do know he loved every minute and that's job done in my book.

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