Saturday, January 6, 2018

January 6. Day 6. Slow and steady

The only thing slower than a week week is an stinkingly humid one, which is pretty bloody wet in its own way. It has been oppressive with any thought of moving far away from either the air conditioning or the pool seemingly an act of stupidity. But dogs need the occasional walk and humans need fresh air occasionally so you pick your moments and don't do anything in a rush. You also choose places with a great deal of grass to walk on because you don't want to subject the dogs' paws to melting bitumen. So off we went to the university of Queensland Lakes, a nice shady, grassy, breezy spot for a walk. The dogs know where the water fountains are and stopped at each one. And while they didn't abandon their usual attempts to catch and kill any bird that came within eye sight it was a fairly half hearted attempt. (One day they might learn that birds will fly away and they have another quite distinct disadvantage of being on a lead). It was slow going but pleasant. As such I had time to make the following observations. 1. An outdoor wedding in Brisbane in January seems unusually foolhardy. Guests and make-up were melting and 2. We all know from the hare and the tortoise business that testudines are slow. Still it's impressive to be so slow you are covered in algae. A rolling stone gathers no moss so there's not been much rolling going on here.

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