Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 7. Day 7. Let the birthday festival begin

 I can tell this story because the main characters are all long since dead and their deaths were in no way related to the event about to be outlined. My aunt was hosting a dinner party where she planned to serve her signature dish, the main ingredient of which was chicken breast fillets. (These days I feed chicken breast to my dogs several times a week but chicken only a generation ago was a fine and expensive food.)  Just as she was about to pan fry the chook she noticed only five of the six breasts were on the bench. The sixth was in the cat's mouth. Like a scene from a bad sit com, she grabbed the chicken breast from the cat's mouth, washed it and served it with the others. Nothing a bit of sauce wouldn't cover. I was reminded of this today at Rumple's birthday party. Generally speaking I throw big parties for my dogs but given Rumple is inclined to hide in my walk-in robe if the house is crowded, today I decided on an intimate gathering. His "cousin" The Fed was spending the arvo at our place as was my mum so we ordered the goodies and set about preparing to party pooch style. The cake was on the kitchen bench in a position I considered safe. I forgot two important things. Cousin Fed has a hound's nose and a long reach. He'd stolen two of the bone decorations from the front of the cake before anyone could pull him down or move the cake. No amount of rinsing off will work when the food is swallowed whole. There were two choices - either live with a partially eaten cake in all the birthday pics or cover the gap.
 As necessity is the mother of invention, I did the only reasonable thing. I grabbed the giant 5 candle and stuck it to the front of the cake where the bone biscuits once stood. Sure a candle is meant to go on top of the cake but it didn't look completely ridiculous where it was. And it was in a position where it in no way impacted on the dogs' ability to chow down on the rest of the cake. Rumple's actual birthday is tomorrow and the plan is to take him to the beach, which is pretty much his favourite place in the whole world. A one-day birthday celebration hardly seems enough for a such a special boy.

The cake before Fed got to it
The cake after being redecorated by The Fed

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