Friday, January 5, 2018

January 5. Day 5. A handy bloke to have around.

This is not a sponsored post although it might end up sounding like an infomercial. Warren is my new best friend. Yesterday he failed to be deterred by being left outside while the teenager slept. Today he arrived on time and fixed all the things he said he would fix. This included a dodgy toilet seat, a blind partially falling down, a shower head with no pressure, broken kitchen cabinetry, two windows that wouldn't shut, a sagging clothes line and a damaged chest of drawers. He even fixed an air conditioner which started spilling water all over the carpet. It wasn't even broken when Warren arrived. Air conditioning is not his thing but he rang his mate who talked him through what to do. The drain is no longer blocked. Water from the air conditioner now falls outside the house where it belongs. I fully admit we are incompetent when it comes to DIY. I need a man like Warren in my life who will tell me what I need to do the job and then fix it. He'll call on one of his mates if what I needs isn't something he does. My bestie and I are off to Bunnings on Monday to buy things to carry out a few more repairs. My plan to get things fixed this year is coming together nicely.

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