Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31. Day 112.Come to your senses

 Have you ever had one of those (hopefully hypothetical) debates with yourself or others about which sense you would prefer to lose? When it comes down to it there is no good answer. This morning the world outside was a bit of a blur but the fog was always going to lift to reveal a picture perfect view. But later it was sound not vision that was proving to be an issue. My neighbour Margaret is pretty hard of hearing but right now can hear just about nothing at all. Today we had one of those conversations where I was talking about batteries and she was talking about bananas. I don't know much about hearing aids but I'm pretty sure changing bananas won't help. I did something I've never had to do before. I resorted to pen and paper to communicate with her - and then I rang the hearing aid people. Turns out that there is clearly a fault with the devices as they don't squeal when they are not in her ears (even with the batteries or bananas changed). Tomorrow I will go to try and get that rectified. But the cone of silence was clearly depressing her. She told me she had written a list of things that needed to be done in case she had to go to hospital. This included such things as giving her wool to Meals on Wheels. She can knit in hospital. I think her head is swirling with possible outcomes worse than an ambulance trip. There was only one thing that brought a smile to her face - the dogs. They don't need spoken language to communicate. My note telling her that the hearing aids and not her hearing was the problem also brought relief. Let's hope it's quickly and easily fixed.


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