Saturday, July 22, 2017

July 22. Day 203. A formal affair

Last night I had a dream about my first lecture of the semester which will take place on Monday morning. When I arrived in the lecture room, the computer I am supposed to use to project the lecture slides had been replaced by an X-Box. A fat lot of good that would be. Not that it mattered. I'd actually forgotten to write the lecture. Watching all this was one of my first section editors who happened to be a tutor in the unit. He was giving me the same disapproving scowl he always used to give cadet reporters. A nightmare really. It's common in dreams and it's common in popular culture - the storyline of forgetting something really important. It's a variation on the best man forgetting the wedding rings or the family that left the kid Home Alone when they went on holidays. It's scary because we all know it could happen, it does happen. Today at the hairdresser it was chaos. The place was packed with young people preparing for formals or balls. I struck up a conversation with Laura who was having her hair and make-up done. Turns out she is in the same English class as my niece Cleo. I watched an amazing transformation take place  ... And then it happened. Mum arrived without the dress. The bus to the pre-formal function was to leave in 15 minutes and our Cinderella was still in shorts and a T Shirt. An emergency phone call summonsed dad back from the dog park to grab the dress and shoot across town to the rescue. Just like a fairy godmother he arrived and Cinder-Laura got to go to the ball. Because that's something else popular culture teaches us. It normally works out okay. And I have written that lecture for Monday.

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