Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 15. Day 196. Just hanging at South Bank

I'm old enough to remember when celebrity and chef were not words that went together. Ever. But in this world there are celebrity everything and chefs are right up there. As a BIG fan of Masterchef, I decided to wander down to the Regional Flavours event at South Bank and see if I could spot George, Gary or Matt. It might have helped if this fan girl had bothered to check the program. By the time I'd got there they had left and were doubtless off eating deconstructed something somewhere fancy. Anyone would have thought I'd never heard of social media. But all was not lost. Not by a long shot. The Living Room chef  Miguel was still smooching up to the crowd. I have no idea what he was saying - I never do - but in that Spanish accent he can just keep on saying it. Besides on a beautiful Brisbane day like today South Bank is a pretty good place to be even if it is just to watch the street performers.

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