Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 26. Day 207. Hot stuff

The talented young cast of Blackrock. Pic Dylan Evans 
QUT Drama discipline leader Sandra Gattenhof praises her young charges
In the orange glow of the wood-fired pizza oven at the opening night party of La Boite's production of Blackrock, my son gave me a hug. He said nothing but it said everything. What we had just seen was so powerful that a few moments of silent reflection was called for. But it was more than that. Blackrock is an incredible piece of Australian theatre that shines a light on the horrible reality of sexual assault and violence. It's the sort of show that stops you in your tracks. It works at other levels, too. It's about navigating the often perilous road of being a teenager and parenting a teenager and in that sense it not only whispered but shouted into the ears of Drama Teen and myself. Some may be fortunate to dodge the overt brutality that Enright's play exposes but none can steer clear of the politics of the teen years. Having an immensely talented cast of soon-to-graduate QUT acting students play the teen roles gave the production an authenticity more seasoned actors could not match. This was not comfortable at all but it was excellent. You can hear more of our thoughts on our podcast

La Boite artisitc director Todd MacDonald

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