Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17. Day 198. All come out in the wash

Some times in life you are the statue. Some times the pigeon. As long as your life isn't more statue kind of days then you have to count that as a win. Attitude helps but attitude is not always that easy to control. But little things can make the difference. Today I found myself smiling at the pigeons and the dog bowl. The pigeons were taking turns at first drinking from and then bathing in a dog's bowl at one of the cafes near where I work.Clearly the bowl was not there for either purpose but they didn't care and who could blame them. They were having such a jolly old time and it made me smile. It distracted me for so long it made me late for a meeting. However the previous meeting in the room ran over so I was where I needed to be on time. Winning. A statue not a pigeon kind of day.

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