Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8. Day 189. All my Christmases

Elmo sang: "Everyday can't be Christmas. That wouldn't be such a treat. You can get tired of chocolate candy. When that's all you eat..."
Susan says: "Okay, perhaps not every day. But twice a year should be fine. Bring on Christmas in July (also, would I doubt I'd ever get tired of chocolate).
Shirley Conran said: "Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.
Susan says: It's my life. I'll stuff a mushroom if I want to ... and a pumpkin. Turkey is fine for the carnivores but the vegans deserve something special too.
Margaret says: "Help me Sue. Please help me."

Susan says: "I'm coming Margaret. I'm coming."It was a night of highs and lows. We invited the family over to dinner neglecting to mention it was going to be a Christmas in July. Surprise. I'm a girl who loves a bit of theatre. Real life drama, not so much. The main meal was over when my mobile phone rang. Margaret was pleading. I grabbed the spare keys and went to her rescue taking Charles as muscle. Even after I was in the house and I'd turned the lights on, she was still on the floor, grasping the phone repeating "help me Sue. Please help me." She's slipped in the bathroom and crawled into the lounge to make the call (no, she was not wearing that panic pendant... sigh). Before we did anything we had to calm her, a job made more difficult by the absence of hearing aids. So I sat and held her hand and when her breathing was controlled we lifted her to her walker and walked her back to her chair. And again I waited. Soon she was bossing me around. Clearly she was back on form. After she's use the toilet and was back in bed I returned to my party. That seemed like reason enough for a dessert wine .. or two. It was Christmas after all.

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