Sunday, July 2, 2017

July 2. Day 183. Size doesn't matter

Three kilos. I've eaten lunches that weigh more. But that's all Winkle weighs. She's a pocket rocket with a big, big attitude. Rumple is more than three times her weight but there's no question about who is top dog. Winkle was throwing her weight around this afternoon when we walked across to the University of Queensland lakes.  Every time we walked by another dog, Winkle did her nut. Some of those dogs could have consumed Winkle in one bite but that didn't worry her.  She defends her territory that one. I saw pretty much the same thing when I arrived at the lakes. There on a light post was an Australasian Darter pretty much minding its own business. Try telling that to the noisy miner. It repeatedly dive bombed the darter seemingly oblivious to the height/weight advantage of the darter. Small bird. Big attitude. Size does matter. Attitude matters more, at least most of the time.

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