Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4. Day 185. Skating on thin ice

Ah Queensland. Beautiful one day. Perfect the next. So says the one time marketing slogan. I say, define perfect and further ask "perfect for what"?
Those months of stinking hot, sweaty humid days are not everyone's idea of perfect. And then there's winter. If you like snuggling in front of a fire, if you like a clear change of season, if you like snow sports, Brisbane is not your kind of capital city. Of course, we can pretend. And so it is in King George Square this week where there is an outdoor ice skating rink. The school holiday crowds were having a pretty good time but on a 24 degrees winter day, the ice was struggling. There were many many wet bums but no-one seemed to be complaining.  After all, after 10 minutes in the sun they would be warm and dry again, Serious skaters would doubtless have been horrified but for novelty value it was hard to beat. Sometimes there are worse things than skating on thin ice.

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