Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 25. Day 206. Food fight

It was a difficult choice for the birds today.  They wanted mince. Margaret had mince. But, and it was a big but, so did the dogs and the dogs were there first.
You could see them weighing up the situation, doing an avian equivalent of a pros and cons list. One the plus side, the possibility of getting food. On the minus side, the possibility of becoming food. But the mince was fresh. But the dogs were barking. The noisy miner camped at the window for a bit and then throwing caution to the wind flew in. Almost immediately it regretted it. It flew up on to the window ledge and wouldn't move. The dogs went crazy. The bird cowered. No-one got anywhere near the mine. It was a standoff that lasted quite a while. Eventually I opened every window I could find and the scared little thing made an escape. You'd think that would make it stay away. Not so.The prospect of food is responsible for many a bad decision (here I am talking about me). As soon as we were out the door it was back - as were half the other birds in the street.

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