Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 30. Day 211. Feeding the chooks

A former premier used to call it feeding the chooks. Those of us old enough to remember the Sir Joh era will recall (among far more distasteful political snippets), that the State's longest serving premier took great pleasure in gathering the media and then sprinkling grains or "wisdom". I felt a bit like that today (although hopefully my sentences were more coherent). It was QUT Open Day and my duty at this annual event is to front the audience who roll up to hear about the course. I whinge and moan about having to work on a Sunday but actually it's pretty good fun and they give you free lunch which is a total bonus. Also I do try to ease the pain of the horrible process of deciding what you want to do "when you grow up" at a time of life when most teenagers are ill-equipped to make such a decision. My advise "don't stress. Go with your best bet and it's painlessly easy to change your mind later". Because Open Day is at the Gardens Point campus, between presentations I like to have a walk around, see what the other stalls have on offer and check out what's happening in the Botanic Gardens.Today it was pretty much the same as on campus - hungry young things devouring all on offer. Not bad for a Sunday.

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