Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9. Day 161. Living history

History. It's just one damned thing after another.
At least that's how it can seem if history comes straight from a text book or is delivered by an uninspiring teacher.
But in the right hands or with the right presentation, history is fascinating. You need someone make it much more than a bunch of dates.
Mrs Josie James - my high school history teacher  - was my very favourite teacher at school. She turned history into a fascinating story. History came alive.
History was alive in and kicking Brisbane today at the annual History Alive: A Journey Through Time at the Fort Lytton National Park.
Every year for the past 13 years history groups have been re-enacting everything from the Roman Legions to the Vietnam War.
The park was packed with families watching gladiators fight and canons fire. Some, such as Aidan, photographed above, even got to take part.
That has to be enough to inspire any child to love the past.

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