Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26. Day 178. Fine?! No, it's not fine at all.

Ah Queensland. Beautiful one day, Perfect the next. That's what the marketing campaign says and that's what those of us from this part of the world have come to expect. So what do you call this then?
Apparently we are gripped by the worst cold spell in years. Four whole days where it hasn't reached 20 degrees. Okay, in world terms. that's laughable. But I have chosen not to live in those places for a reason.
Winter in Brisbane can be cold at night and in the morning and those Ekka winds can bite but generally we come to expect beautiful blue skies. Find a sheltered spot in the sun and it's beautiful. But today was cold and wet and decidely bleak. What's that about?
The rain meant that New Farm Park, which would normally have been packed with families enjoying the school holidays, was almost deserted today.
But two-year-old James had his frog umbrella for protection and was making the best of it. Yeah well, you'd have to be a frog to enjoy this.

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