Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20. Day 172. Ice, Ice Baby

As  a teenager I had the worst hardware imaginable to straighten my teeth. There was so much that I couldn't safely travel close to a magnet and hope to be able to walk away. We are talking serious orthodontics. Frankly I think less engineering is required to hold up your average high rise building.
And then, after the worst 18 months of my life (or at least that's how my teenaged self saw it), the braces were removed. The next day I went ice skating and I was totally crap at it. My poor mother watched from the sidelines as I desperately tried to break something and it seemed the newly straighted and very expensive teeth looked like they would be first to go. Fortunately I survived and had a really great time.
Back then there were a number of ice skating rinks in Brisbane - now there are only two at least for most of the year.
But right now the Winter Festival is on in Brisbane and King George Square right outside City Hall is  home to an ice skating rink. Okay, it's not exactly the Rockefeller Center but it looked like a truck load of fun.
These three girls really reminded me of me (except for the lack of braces). Not one of them is likely to pose a threat to Torvill and Dean but my goodness they were giving it a good go and having a great time.


  1. It was so much fun last year, nothing better than skating under the blue Winter skies of Brisbane.

  2. They do look like they are having wonderful fun! And braces can be tough, I had mine in 'later life' and still found them unpleasant... at least the results are worth it! Thanks for sharing at happy family Times