Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17. Day 169. Nightmare

I've been having the same bad dream since early childhood, the nightmare where you find yourself in public still dressed in your jammies.
I think this dream can be traced back to kindy. As a big girl I was in the three-day group while my younger sister, Lisa, being such as baby at a whole 18 months younger than me, was in the two-day group. One day, Mum took me still in the PJs when she was dropping off my sister. I was seen by the teachers. Oh the horror.
I've had variations of  that dream since. Turning up at school, at work, probably even at my wedding in my pyjamas.
I'm pretty sure the dream analysts say this dream is all about feeling unprepared or out of place or something. Yeah, whatever. I reckon it's just about flannelette not being appropriate outside the house.
These days I try to buy pyjamas that look a bit like shorts and a T shirt or a track suit to minimise the mental scarring if I get sprung taking out the bin or emptying the mail box.
It would appear I shouldn't worry. Going out in public in your pyjamas is in, apparently, according to what I read in the media. And just a couple of days ago I saw a woman at the service station at about 8pm wearing not only the flannelette  PJs but also the pink plush dressing gown and furry slippers. Personally I still think this is something only fit for the bedroom.
I now know there are others that also believe pyjamas are strictly for the privacy of one's home. At the Out of the Box Festival today I watched busking duo Glen and Ben, dressed in PJs and carrying teddy bears and pillows, working the crowd.
The kids were shrieking things such as "Look Mum, they're in their pyjamas". Yep just wrong. Pictured is Ben running off. I think he's just realised he forgot to get dressed before leaving the house.

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