Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11. Day 163. Throw me a Lifeline

Books can take you anywhere. Books can provide an education, an escape or the perfect procrastination.
A book is great on the beach or by the pool or filling in time on public transport. A book is very good in bed providing great action between the covers.
Yep, I love books and even though I consider myself a bit of a gadget girl I am very old school when it comes to books. I need an object to put on the bookshelf and I need to be able to turn pages and fold down corners.
So today, for the second time this year, I was at a Lifeline Bookfest at the Convention Centre stocking up. I do confess, however, I haven't read a single page of the books I bought at the event in January but I will, eventually.
On a rainy public holiday there were large crowds working their way through the millions of second hand books on sale. I loved the number of parents stocking up on kids books often with the little ones "helping".
Today's picture is of Emily who was helping mum Monica choose some new bedtime stories.


  1. Lovely photo, again. Impressed you got to the Bookfest twice...I was scared off a few years ago...a book-snatching episode I can barely re-tell. I worked in a secondhand bookshop for a while too, that was excellent (for the books and the customers). I too have too many books, but I can't bring myself to turn down the corners of the pages, no, not ever...(^_-)

  2. you can never have too many books, especially kids colourful picture filled books

  3. Lovely photo of my niece Susan - thank you! Great to see she can read the book the right way round? At least it is a book and not an 'i' something.

  4. Muller Madness, she is MY Niece!

    1. :)

      Great Photo!

      You would never think that little angel has the ability to wake you up at 3am each morning!! :P