Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10. Day 162. Dressing up

Kids don't need an excuse. You want to go to the supermarket dressed as a fairy? No worries. You think that Buzz Lightyear and not little Johnnie should be the one to pay Grandma a visit. Sure, Grandma will understand.
But somehow when we grow up we learn that most of the time we should wear proper sensible clothes. We decide that we need an official invitation involving a theme party or Halloween to put on a costume.
I believe that secretly adults probably enjoy playing dress up as much as kids, they just don't do it. How else would you explain the popularity of such events as  sci fi conventions and historical reenactment festivals?
Truth is adults have as much reason -probably more - to escape reality every now and then.
There were very few people being themselves at Fort Lytton this weekend, even less than an average sitting of parliament I suspect. No-one had a grip on reality and it was great.
The weather wasn't kind but that didn't stop huge numbers of people turning up to watch the historical reenactment groups doing their stuff at the annual History Alive event.
You can't blame people for being attracted to this sort of thing. I mean really, when it comes to stress release, it's hard to imagine an equal to dressing up in chain mail and spearing someone.
Yep it's child's play and what's so wrong with that?

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  1. What a terrifying face! Got capture though. I'm sure adults have tons of fun dressing up in the name of historical rememberance. Makes a change from washing up!