Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2. Day 154. Burn baby, burn

Things were absolutely smokin' around Musgrave Park today.
The park, which is recent weeks has made headlines after being occupied first by protesting indigenous Australians and then by Greek festival goers, has this weekend been taken over by the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service for its annual firefighter competition.
Hundreds of men in uniform, what more reason could a girl need to go and check out what's going on?
Because of a large dose of good luck rather than any planning at all, I arrived as the opening ceremony was taking place.
It seemed totally fitting - given all the controversy last month over the extinguishing of the ceremonial fire  when the Brisbane Sovereign Embassy was shut down - that a local indigenous dance group would demonstrate how to rub sticks together to make flames
The Nuckkual Yaggera performers were on fire. If the rest of the events are this hot it will be a very successful weekend indeed.


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    1. I've taken to using the camera of late. If it doesn't say iphoneography probably means its the Canon EOS

  2. what a cracking picture, so atmospheric, I can almost smell that smoke

  3. Fantastic picture Susan! Well done on keeping it going.