Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27. Day 179. No sign of Spring

I love the movie Groundhog Day. Partly this is related to my love of chick flicks and this is a classic. And any movie that includes Sonny and Cher's  I've Got You Babe has got to score points. But it's not just that. Nor is it just that The Bill Murray learns to speak French, ice sculpt and play the piano to get the girl.
No, I love the idea of Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, who comes out of hibination every February 2 and if he doesn't like the weather he heads back into the cave. Quite simply, if there's no sun he's out of there. Spring is not here yet.
That's an awesome concept. Humans are supposedly the top of the evolutionary tree but we just endure winter. Birds with brains much smaller than ours fly out to warmer climates in the winter. And there are other mammals who just take to the cave and stay there for the winter. At this time of year I want to be a bear. I want to retreat to a cave and not come out until it's Spring. Spring. Today Spring felt a very long way off. Cold and very bleak and no cave anywhere to retreat into. All that could be done was eat soup and wear thick socks.
But I did see one sign of Spring, a street sign to be exact. Someone has decided to decorate the sign where Spring Street meets Boundary Street at West End with springs. I think it looks rather cool but I doubt it would be enough to convince Punxsutawney Phil that Spring had arrived.


  1. Spring I too only wish.. brrr looks chilly in that shot...

    1. Not cold as much as freezing but then I'm a big sook

  2. Very good. Put a smile on my face immediately.