Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1. Day 153. A little bit of Goodwill

I read somewhere - doubtless a very reliable source such as a woman's magazine - that a survey was conducted to ask women the three words they most wanted to hear.
Researchers expected the magic words would be "I love you" but instead the phrase to warm the heart was in fact "You've lost weight".
Yep, that works for me.
Today I was celebrating a milestone in the weight loss journey - I reached my goal weight. Yay me.
Weigh in was 9.30am and leaving nothing to chance I got up early for a final walk before the dietitian's appointment. I was not going to let anything get in the way of the 0.1kilograms still between me and goal. - not the fact that it was the first day of winter, it was cold and I still have a cold nor that it was still dark and wet. Nothing
Whether it was the walk or not (okay, it was never the walk) the scales registered a 0.6 kilogram loss, Score.
Today's photo was snapped on that dawn walk at the entrance of the Goodwill Bridge,
I like it because long walks have been a big part of the strategy to rid of those 14.5 kilograms. Brisbane's three pedestrian-only bridges - the Goodwill Bridge, the Eleanor Schonell Bridge and the Kurilpa Bridge - have all been regular points on the walking map.
Also, after hearing those three words that women love, I was feeling a lot of good will. Plus I think it's a bloody nice shot

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