Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7. Day 159. On Ya Bike

I love cycling, I really do, apart from two small things
1) I can't ride up hills and
2) I don't want to die thus will not ride near traffic.
For a time when I lived in Nundah I would ride several times a week on the very flat, completely devoid of vehicles bike paths.
Now, however, I live one street back from a very busy major arterial road in a suburb with both high and hill in the name.I sold the bike.
I would take up cycling again if you could guarantee conditions like this. Suspended above the Ernest Street entrance to South Bank, the Man on a Unicycle has no traffic to contend with and given he's airborne there's nothing in the way of hills either, just my type of riding conditions.
This sculpture, photographed as the sun was coming up this morning, was one of 90 that formed the Human Factor series at Expo 88 in Brisbane. Most of the works created by John Underwood and the Artbusters team were auctioned off after Expo but this one is back riding high on what was the Expo site. Impressive isn't he? Given that I was never one of those kids prone doing wheelies or yelling "look Mum no hands", I'm particularly impressed. Hell, I never even learned to work gears which may, or may not, explain my problem with hills. Either that or the fact that I am unfit and lazy. Ill let you be the judge.


  1. @PirateRed_BeardJune 13, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Have a look at these maps and see if you start thinking about buying another bike....


    And there's a whole lot more to come in the next few years!


    1. My plan is to start with a City Cycle at University of Queensland. Flat and traffic free on the paths. I will give it a go. Eventually