Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11. Day 101. Clocking off

One of my all-time favourite cartoons was the Merrie Melodies classic involving Ralph E. Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. The pair arrive in the morning at a sheep meadow and exchange pleasant chitchat clocking on side by side. For the entire work day Ralph tries to steal sheep and Sam retaliates using far from reasonable force, each response more violent than the last. And then the end of day whistle sounds, the two calmly clock off, there's more pleasant chat and they head off home to do it all again tomorrow.
My fur baby Rumple and the visitor Cousin Fed are just like that. They will have wrestles which you would swear are fights to the death which will stop, almost as suddenly as they began, and the two of them will curl up together and go to sleep.
I wish I found clocking off quite that easy. The off switch is a little faulty at the moment and getting a good night's sleep is annoyingly illusive. I'm sick and tired or feeling sick and tired and thus tonight I shall take Valium for the first time. It's something I have resisted by desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm hoping that like the tactics of Sam Sheepdog, a short sharp measure will stop the problem in its tracks and then I can just clock off ....

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