Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 26. Day 116. Darkness descending

Late last year I was on the beach with the Fur Friend when Rumple bounded up to a family playing in the sand. The little girl, apparently scared of dogs, started running. Rumple, convinced this was a very exciting game, gave chase. It was ugly and only stopped when the girl was cornered by the dune and trapped and I was able to pull Rumple off. I felt awful and totally responsible. It was my bad but I really wanted to implore the girl's mum to teach her not to run, to hold her ground. You can not beat the black dog by trying to run away. Ever. This statement is equally true of the small black puppy on the beach and the great big ugly black dog that seemed determined to chase me today. The black dog chases more when you try to get away. The dog was menacing me as I walked this afternoon so that instead of seeing the colours of the sunset rise I could only feel the darkness descending. Curse you black dog. Be off to the pound. If only it was that easy ...

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