Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1. Day 91. April Fool

If life begins at 40, I am only nine today. As such, I am entitled to a child-like joy in the business of birthdays. I am entitled to be treated like a princess. I am entitled to cake and candles and pampering and presents. I have claimed that entitlement. Might as well as I have decided that  this will be the last I celebrate. The clock stops today. Some numbers are too big to comprehend. So even though today will be the last birthday I am prepared to acknowledge I am more than happy to share my special day with one of the special men in my life - my fur baby Rumple. Today is also the first anniversary of Rumple's arrival in our lives. He was last year's birthday gift and will remain for all time The Best Birthday Present Ever. He brings me great joy every day and it is only right we should celebrate together. It also shows my age (which is nine as you will recall) that I am prepared to choose a birthday celebration that included a walk to the park and a game of ball with Rumple. Some may think this makes me an April Fool. I'm okay with that. As the birthday girl, I get to choose. So there.
*Thanks to all for the birthday wishes
**I reserve the right to next year reassess my decision to never again celebrate a birthday

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