Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28. Day 118. A leaf out of my book

I've decided that my family should take a leaf out of my book and follow my new health kick. I mean, all of the experts say dieting is more successful if you have a support person. And hasn't that got off to a glorious start? Husband's first response was to whip down to the bakery and buy a sausage roll AND a pasty. Apparently that wasn't bad because a) he only intended to eat the sausage roll for breakfast. The pasty was for later and b) he had it with tomato sauce and that covers a fruit or vegetable food group or something. This was the same logic Dram Teen used to justify McDinner. Fries are potatoes and he was assisting me by refusing to share any. Right. I think perhaps I should lend them both one of my many, many diet books. But they would probably destroy them or eat them or something. Neither seems to have any desire to do this diet thing by the book.
*Today's image is from the Visual Art studio at work. I look at it and think food. Diets do that to a person.

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