Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 15. Day 105. Irreconciable differences

It is almost universally agreed that disunity is death in politics. To divide is to conquer and pretty much the same rules apply in parenting. Parents need to be on the same page and present a united front or the lunatics will seize on the weakness and start ruling the asylum. I know this to be true but some times there are issues - important issues, vital parenting issues - on which your views and those of your significant other are just poles apart and there can be no common ground found. Neither consensus nor compromise are a possibility. It's war. So it is with our fur baby and the battle of the bows. Rumple's "stylist" always adds bows at the end of his spa treatment. I adore the bows. In fact I would pay the treatment fee for the bows alone. Charles hates the bows and at the last treatment actually instructed that they be removed before he collected Rumple. Them's fighting words. Rumple's file at the stylist now has a note on it that says "There WILL be bows. Ignore any arguments to the contrary". Yes, yes it's pathetic and the people at the salon are in on the joke (or are talking about us behind our backs, or both). But my argument goes like this. I think the bows are beyond measure cute and bring a huge smile to my face. On average they last in the fur friend's fur for about three hours. For every other minute of every day of the six weeks between treatments, there are no bows. So why would you deny me that small pleasure even if you do think they are "ridiculous" and "laughable" and "completely wrong on a male dog"? Rumple has never asked me to remove them out so I shall take that to mean he is with me on this. Not that I would start forcing the children to take sides - that would be very bad parenting indeed.

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