Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24. Day 114. It's a gift

A friend of mine who is an awesome musician finds it annoying when people tell her how lucky she is to have been born with such a gift. It's not that she dismisses the concept but what she finds irritating is the assumption this is something God-given and not something she has had to work her butt off to develop. This is true with so many things in life. It's not what you have it's what you do with it that really counts. It's a notion that recurred a number of times for me today. When I looked at another friend with her newborn bub what I saw was the greatest gift of all and such potential right there in the tiny little fingers and toes. But later in the day at the Anzac Eve concert at the South Bank Piazza I saw so many gifted people sharing their talents. The biggest surprise to me was not how good the music was (that I expected) but what a truly awesome impressive speech writer, orator and human being our Governor Penelope Wensley is. How did I not know that? We were told that music can say so much more than words and the musical performance was the orchestra's gift to the city to honour our soldiers. An orchestra, a navy band, a police pipe band, two choirs and two sopranos - that's an awesome free gift and a fitting tribute to those who gave the ultimate gift for our peace and security. In return, it is our responsibility to do with it the very best we can.
Not often do I feel any desire to quote a member of the Royal Family but a segment of Prince William's speech this week where he said that Australia "may be known as the lucky country but often the hardier the work, the luckier you get" struck a chord. How true that is.

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