Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29. Day 119. Fight to the death

The more you love someone
The more you want to kill 'em
The more you love someone
The more he make you cry
That's a line from Avenue Q, the deeply provocative, naughty and very, very funny musical which makes a return visit to Brisbane Arts Theatre next month.
And while it is designed to get a reaction, the fact is it's so true. If it's a fine line between pleasure and pain, our nearest and dearest are the ones most equipped to hover close to and cross that line. The fact is no matter how much we try to hide our buttons, our families know where to find them and how to push them to get a reaction - over and over again. But we keep going back for more because, well, we love them and because while they know where the big bad buttons are they also know how to make us proud, happy, safe etc, etc.They help us learn to roll with the punches, to get back up and do it again. Pretty much the same thing was on display at South Bank this afternoon. Two young blokes were undertaking a bit of fitness training when they decided to ditch the equipment and use their bodies as weapons. It wasn't quite a fight to the death but it was undertaken with about the same amount of ferocity - and then they would break, dust themselves off, smile and do it again. Clearly they were the best of mates. Only our nearest and dearest would get away with that.

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