Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27. Day 117. Chocolate makes perfect

If practice makes perfect, I should be the world's best dieter given I have been on a diet for approaching 35 years. But like so many things it just gets harder with age.
However, after weeks (perhaps months) of the seafood diet (yes, I see food and eat it) I have decided moderation is the new me. It is either that or buy a whole new wardrobe. That is appealing but if I am to invest in new clothes, I would much prefer they were not size tent.
So a new healthy eating regime has begun and today is day three. So far so good (where so good is defined as not having killed anyone yet).
Will power is clearly a super power which I have been blessed with. Or not. But today I did display a rare moment of restraint. I went to one of those specialist chocolate restaurants and didn't dip a single thing in the delicious melted choc pot. Big elephant stamp for me (with any luck in a few weeks the stamp won't need to be quite so big).

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