Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20. Day 110. A race against time

The best thing about holidays is that you never have to be anywhere at a particular time - at least the type of holiday I now favour. Get up when you want. Nap when you want. Eat meals according to no particular schedule (and because it is Easter that includes chocolate for any and every meal if so desired). It is just as well there was no race against time today because quite frankly I would have been on the losing team. My pre breakfast stroll took an impressive four hours in no small part because my walking buddies (one human, one with four legs and fur) got lost. This is itself is no mean feat. We were just walking from one section of beach to another in search of the dog off leash areas. Pretty much everyone should be able to follow the Coast without having to follow stars or the movement of the sun or tides or anything else - but not us. And even when I resorted to the GPS on the phone I refused to believe that its directions were right (they were) further delaying the return. Now this sort of delay would normally see my stress levels reach boiling point because being late and lost is one of my least favourite combinations but not holiday mode Susan. Holiday mode Susan just enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of the seaside and the walk with two buddies. Time and tide wait for no man but today breakfast did wait - and even after the four hour walk we arrived home just in time for breakfast with the stirring teenagers. That's something else that doesn't like to be raced.

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