Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 9. Day 100. Take a deep breath

Some days you feel like a duck out of water.

Today I felt more like a duck having sex.
Note this has nothing to do with feeling like a "special cuddle". Just the opposite. It's more the duck I saw on the receiving end of an embrace in the ponds at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens which was a) under water and b) had a great weight on her chest. That's the feeling I've been living with for at least a week. Curse you bronchitis. Hopefully, after four days, the antibiotics are starting to kick in. But if there is an improvement it's marginal. Right now I wake feeling like my lungs are full of liquid and there's a squashing weight on my chest restricting breathing. It' not that pleasant. It is, however, something I am well familiar with. Most of my life I've lived with chest infections. And if I may say so myself, I do it well. I have the "best" coughs in the world. It sounds like an animal being killed or someone needing a lung transplant or something equally unpleasant. People tend to cross the street to avoid it. I'd cross the street to avoid it if I could. But like all things it eventually passes and once again I'm ready to soar or something.

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