Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2. Day 93. Peace (not quiet)

Walking through the Springbrook National Park the other day I took the unusual step (for me at least) and read one of the signs. It said something along the lines that one shouldn't be fooled by the quiet, the forest was alive with wildlife. Fooled by the quiet?  That would be somewhat unlikely given how noisy it was. There may be none of the sounds of the city and the suburbs but the inhabitants of the rainforest were hardly giving the world the silent treatment. Peaceful it may be, quiet it was not. It was pretty much the same deal in the city Botanic Gardens today. I had to pick up Drama Teen from a theatre workshop in the city so I took the opportunity to walk the dogs in the gardens. The birds were creating quite a racket and that was before the dogs arrived to spur them along. I will be the first to admit that a gardens in the middle of the city is a haven to escape the city sounds and to be at peace with the world. It is not, however, a place where all you hear is the voices in your head (which is a good thing). Silence may be golden but the noises of birds at play is a winning formula just the same.

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