Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 14. Day 105. Phoenix Rises

Some people are d*ckheads. Complete and utter d*ckheads. It wouldn't matter so much if their dicky actions didn't impact so much on others. Look at this tree sculpture in West End. It's not really to my taste but that's not the point. That sculpture is where it is and is what it is because of went before. There used to be a grand old tree on that site but some time in 2012 it was poisoned. Holes were drilled in the base of the tree because it spoiled someone's view or made parking difficult or dropped leaves or goodness knows what. All possible efforts and a great deal of money was invested to save the tree. After all to let the tree die would be to let the d*ckheads win and their agenda, whatever that might be, would be successful. But still the tree died and the tree sculpture is now in its place standing as a permanent reminder of what happened. It's making the best of a bad situation. I only hope that whoever did this sees the tree and somewhere deep inside there is a small amount of remorse. I rather suspect it won't.


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