Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21. Day 112. April showers

In this part of the world, April showers will not bring May flowers. In fact in my very particular part of the world, I can expect something far less poetic from today's downpour - wet dog smell. Nice. Throw into the mix bird poo. Lots of it. When it rains, the local birds enjoy the shelter of the covered pool deck. They sit in the rafters and poo on the outdoor furniture. Who doesn't want their outdoor entertaining area turned into an avian amenities block? Well me for one. Still, a rainy day is somehow more conducive to marking than a bright sunny one. On a glorious autumn day I resent every single second inside with papers. The weather doesn't impact on the work or the drudgery of the task but it does make it slightly easier. This is no parade so the rain's not so bad. Well that's the theory. It still sucks but is marginally better than one of the birds pooping on your head.

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