Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 30. Day 121. Jazzing it up

Kendall Layt
 So I went grocery shopping and "accidentally" ended up at South Bank. That can happen, well it can to me. It turns out it is International Jazz Day and watching the Tenille West Quartet seemed far more interesting than squeezing avocados to see if they are ready to eat. And it's not as if jazz was the only thing on offer at South Bank today.
Turns out that spending money in the market stalls is more fun than spending money on laundry detergent. Who knew (apart from everybody)?
I didn't even get to the end of South Bank where the Buddha Birthday Festival is taking place. That might be tomorrow's project. Best not to get too distracted by all the fun things on offer especially when there are humans and canines at home thinking I might come home with the ingredients for dinner at some point.
When I did make it through the door I told the humans I decided to jazz things up a bit.
I think they assumed I meant something inspired by My Kitchen Rules or Masterchef rather than losing track of time watching the Quartet..

Tenille West

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  1. Hey Susan! Thanks so much for coming out and supporting us! Could I possibly get copies of your photos? They look great! You can email me at kendall_layt@hotmail.com