Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 16. Day 107. What a catch

Of course I have no daughters but I get to borrow. Like the grandmother who gets to give the grand kids back, having nieces is a win/win situation. You do get to share some of the good times but dodge the homework and other life tragedies. Score. 
Today on the time-with-nieces calendar was the first game of the 2016 lacrosse season with the lovely Scarlett. I admit, I know nothing about the game. 
But while the exact rules still escape me the intent seems pretty clear. 
Use the net on the stick to get the ball into the goal while stopping the other team from doing the same. 
Scarlett managed to score a goal which is pretty bloody awesome. It's kind of like a cross between soccer and hockey and polo. 
It's pretty physical. 
Next time I'll be lending Scarlett my Fitbit to see just what distance she covered over the course of the game. 
And then with the game over I got to go home and have a nap with no need to worry about such things as washing uniforms. Like  said, score.

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