Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4. Day 95. Who let the dogs out?

If two's company, three's a crowded bed. This week we became a temporary three-dog family. With my brother Michael and his family away, their fur friend The Fed - a regular border at our place - is back. The last time The Fed came to stay we were the permanent address of one less canine so this visit was always going to be "interesting".  There has been a little bit of butt sniffing to work out who's the top dog but with that out of the way they are operating as a happy little pack. Happy or not there was no way I was going to try and walk all three of them alone. It would be crazy at the best of times, a situation not helped by the fact that mine have spent three weeks under house arrest because Miss Winkle's went on heat. They have been going stir crazy and letting the dogs out now without help would be asking for trouble. So I recruited my nieces Cleo, Lucy and Amelia as assistant dog walkers. They decided to bring along Gavin to join in the fun. It made for an "interesting" car ride to Roma Street Parkland (and an even more interesting ride home as we were joined by Drama Teen at the conclusion of his day's study). Still it was a great way to burn off steam for every woman and her dog.

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