Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25. Day 116. For we are young and free

I see Anzac Day rather than Australia Day as the real time to celebrate living in a nation that is young and free. Australia Day is inherently going to offend those whose ancestors lived here before arrival of the first fleet on January 26, 1788. I confess I used to have concerns about Anzac Day as celebrating or glorifying war. Now I see it remembering and thanking those who have made sacrifices - often the ultimate sacrifice - on our behalf. So I feel bad that I slept through the Anzac ceremonies today. z

 The cough-induced exhaustion continues, as pathetic as that sounds as an excuse. Rested this afternoon, I decided some community event was in order and the Anzac Day band performance in New Farm Park was the best I could find. Naturally the fur friends decided this was an awesome decision. I like to think at least pausing to remember and enjoying the freedom others fought for is a commemoration in its own way.

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